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Accute Optical Technology Co.,Ltd,offer IR pass filter,bandpass filters

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Accute Optical Technology Co. Ltd, founded in 2008, is designing and marketing of optical coating filters, color filters, mirrors, windows and prisim from UV wavelength to near IR wavelength. They're widely used on CCTV devices, visual machines, medical and beauty instruments, laboratory instruments, photography machines, biomedical instrumentation. We have achieved ISO9001 and all products are RoHS compliant.

We have many sets of optical coating machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines and detection devices to assure the design and manufacture of kinds of optical components. With many experienced engineers and operators, we have been professionally focused to design and manufacture high performance optical filters.

Our main products are includeing: bandpass filter(UV, visible, IR wavelength), IR pass filter, IR cut filter, plastic IR filter, OLPFfilter, long/short pass filter, beamsplitter plate, Polaxizer, optical reflector, NDF filters, UV pass filter, IPL filter, reflective dichroic filter, optical windeows, prism. Their applications are from business field to military field.

For the several years we have supplied high quality products to worldwide customers. with competitive products and good service. To help clients efficiently select and use the correct optical components is our durative work

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